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File Types

"What type of files should I send?"
That's a common question. Not all file types are created equally, so it depends on the work and whether or not Graphic Impressions will need to modify/adjust your files.



PDF files can be used for many jobs. However, pdf files can be challenging for more complex editing. Generally, for jobs that do not require editing, pdfs are a great way to send us your work.

Supporting files like fonts and images should be embedded (best to not subset fonts) so there is no need to collect or package before submitting work to us. Additionally, pdf files set the resolution of embedded images at the time the pdf is created so when preparing pdfs for print, remember a good rule of thumb is any down-sampling should be set to at least 300 dpi and embed all fonts. Pdf is a great format.


Working/Native files

Quark Xpress® and Adobe InDesign files are the most common layout formats. They have many tools to work with and can export pdf files for print. Both support PMS/Spot and 4-Color Process. These formats are preferred when adjustments may need to be made. Folding jobs that require panel size adjustments are examples of the types of work that lend themselves to submitting working files verses pdfs. They do however require supporting files like fonts and images. "Collect" or "Package" jobs is a simple task for these industry standard applications. Both can accept different image types and fonts types for building your work. We love native files!



Typically, the best way to prepare files for book work is for them to be laid out in single pages rather than spreads. Many times spreads are desirable from a design/layout perspective, especially if there are images that start on one page and flow over to an adjacent page. This is no problem as long as the spreads are made up of facing pages rather than one page that contains spreads, see diagrams below. Additionally, it is not desirable for jobs to be laid out in "Printer Spreads", "Reader Spreads" are best.





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